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Policy Committee


2018 - 2019 Policy Committee
Paul Ainslie Councillor, City of Toronto and OGRA Director
Virginia Ridley, Councillor, City of London and OGRA Director
Salim Alibhai, Director, Capital Planning and Delivery, Transportation Services, The Regional Municipality of York, representing Municipal Engineers Association
Matthew Green, Councillor, City of Hamilton and OGRA Director
Paul Jankowski, Commissioner of Transportation Services, Regional Municipality of York, representing Municipal Engineers Association
Rick Kester, CAO, City of Belleville and OGRA 1st Vice-President
Yolaine Kirlew, Councillor, Municipality of Sioux Lookout
Bryan Lewis, Councillor, Town of Halton Hills and OGRA Director
Paul Schoppmann, Mayor, Municipality of St.-Charles and OGRA Director
Chris Traini, County Engineer, County of Middlesex and OGRA President

MTO Representatives                 

  • Robert Hazra, Manager, Operations Office
  • Allan Moore, Team Leader, Passenger Transportation Office  


The Policy Committee shall provide the Board of Directors with policy advice on a wide range of municipal transportation issues.

The committee shall

review relevant policy proposals and government legislation and develop a response where appropriate.
initiate policy reports for submission to the Board of Directors.
develop timely recommendations to the Board of Directors on emerging issues.
identify issues of interest to the membership and recommend appropriate action by the Board of Directors.
acts as the Resolutions Committee and develops recommendations to the Board of Directors.


The membership of the Policy Committee shall comprise:

Members of the Board of Directors as determined by the Board of Directors
Two representatives of the Municipal Engineers Association

Committee Chair

The Board of Directors shall appoint the chair of the committee at its meeting immediately following the Combined Conference.


The Board of Directors may appoint advisors to the committee, but these advisors shall not be voting members of the Policy Committee.
Advisors shall be appointed annually at the first meeting of the Board of Directors following the Combined Conference.

Meeting Schedule

The Board of Directors shall determine the meeting schedule of the committee.
The committee shall normally meet in conjunction with the meetings of the Board of Directors.

Task Forces

The Policy Committee may establish special-purpose Task Forces as required. Such Task Forces shall report to the
Policy Committee.