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Contact Us

Ontario Good Roads Association
1525 Cornwall Road, Unit 22
Oakville, ON L6J 0B2
PHONE: 289-291-OGRA (6472)
FAX: 289-291-6477

OGRA Staff


Brian Anderson
Municipal Data Works Customer Support

Carmen Sousa
Office Manager

Cathy Houston
Finance & Administration Manager

Cherry-Lyn Sales
Coordinator of Training Services

Colette Caruso
Manager, Communications and Marketing

Fahad Shuja
Member Services/OPS Coordinator

Heather Crewe
Manager, Education & Training

James Smith
Manager Member /Technical Services

Janelle Warren
Curriculum Coordinator

Jared LeMay
Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Joseph Tiernay
Executive Director

Lesley McCauley
Administrative Assistant - Finance

Rayna Gillis
Finance & Administration Manager

Scott Butler
Manager of Policy and Research

Teresa Cabral-Travassos
Administrative Assistant

Thomas Barakat
Policy Advisor

Tifanie Lakhan
Administrative Assistant

Hilda Esedebe
Infrastructure Services Coordinator