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Municipal Infrastructure Training

The Municipal Infrastructure Training program is a series of courses on the design, construction, maintenance, and inspection of a wide range of infrastructure assets.  

  • Advanced Sewer and Watermain Construction Inspection (TM46)
  • Bridge Inspection (TM45)
  • General Inspection (TM32)
  • Road Design: Geometrics
  • Road Design: Intersections
  • Sanitary Sewer Design (TM41)
  • Scott McKay Bituminous Technology (TM36)
  • Scott McKay Concrete Technology (TM35)
  • Scott McKay Soils Technology (TM33)
  • Sewer and Watermain Construction Inspection (TM43)
  • Storm Sewer Design (TM31)
  • Stormwater Management (TM47)
  • Watermain Design (TM42)