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Ontario Municipal Management Institute (OMMI)

Certified Municipal Manager - Stand Out, Stand Above

Are you looking to stand out in your current or next job? You could be three letters away from standing above the competition with the Certified Municipal Manager (CMM) program, and OGRA is here to help you on your journey.

The Certified Municipal Manager (CMM) Program is a career education and employment analysis providing a progressive, legally recognized credential, governed in Ontario by provincial legislation. The CMM captures and recognizes your professional experience and education from all sources. 

For more information on the CMM program please visit

Infrastructure Enhanced Certifications

The Infrastructure Enhanced Certification offers a specific supervisory and management career path for municipal employees in all public works categories. OGRA partnered with Ontario Municipal Management Institute (OMMI) to provide OGRA’s members with access to a legal certification coupled with a profession specific enhancement opportunity.  The requirements and awards are managed by OGRA.

Utilizing programs you may have already comepleted through OGRA and even attending our Conference and workshops can get you that much closer to these enhanced certifications.

Click Here for information, requirements, and an application, or visit OMMI's CMM Enhancements page.

For full details about the Certified Municipal Manager program, visit the Ontario Municipal Management Institute website