Nov 13 - Nov 17
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Asset Management of Public Buildings

This course discusses the fundamentals of asset management for a wide variety of public buildings.  It covers the entire life cycle of building assets from capital investment to disposal, with particular emphasis on planning and accounting for betterments (renewal). The course will allow participants to carry out various analyses on real life cases from their own portfolio of building assets. The course is aligned with the International Infrastructure Management Manual and other initiatives and best practices from around the world. It provides an opportunity for public infrastructure management professionals to gain in-depth knowledge for managing their assets while keeping up optimal performance over the asset’s life cycle.

Course Content

  • Types of public buildings and identifying categories of assets within a building
  • Assigning a value to the asset
  • International standards, guidelines and best practices (BOMA, LEED™, ASHRAE, etc.)
  • Framework for the management of public building assets
  • Data integration and system coordination; data standardization, collection, and record keeping
  • Maintenance vs. capital renewal
  • Computerized maintenance and facilities management systems
  • Condition prediction, rating systems, and inspection scheduling
  • Dealing with defects, failure modes, and criticality
  • Levels of Service and Key Performance Indicators
  • Sustainability requirements and energy management solutions
  • Risk assessment and failure modeling
  • Budget analysis and developing short and long range plans; financing and alternative funding options
  • Decommissioning and disposal of public assets
  • Economic justification of capital renewal plans
  • Deterioration modeling:  deterministic vs stochastic
  • Special considerations for key building components:  wood, steel, masonry, and concrete structures, HVAC, mould, plumbing and electrical systems
  • GIS and BIM applications for facilities management
  • Current research on mixed infrastructure systems

Who Should Attend

Middle and senior managers with responsibility for the management of vertical municipal public assets.


To reinforce class material, the course will incorporate in-class mini-cases, individual assignments, group discussions, and a project. Case studies & computer applications will also be used to illustrate practical applications of course content and give examples of agencies using asset management systems.


Evaluation will be based on in-class activities, take-home assignments, quizzes, and a project to be supervised and evaluated by the instructor.   Overall grade of 65%.  


Dr. Tarek Hegazy, P. Eng., Professor of Construction Engineering and  Management, University of Waterloo

Dr. Hegazy has participated in a wide spectrum of new and rehabilitation projects and is internationally renowned for his research on computational construction management and asset management. His recent research uses tools of computational intelligence to efficiently plan and execute municipal infrastructure programs and support contractors’ decisions on high risk and constrained projects. Dr. Hegazy is the sole author of the textbook "Computer-Based Construction Project Management" published by Prentice Hall. He has graduated many doctorate and master’s students, collaborates with many universities worldwide, and has received several awards of excellence for his research.

In 2004, Dr. Hegazy was acknowledged as one of the world’s top five contributing authors to ASCE construction research (ranked third in the period 1997-2002), as reported in the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management article, Vol. 130, No. 3, 2004, page 437. Dr. Hegazy has two patents, a best paper award in 2011 from the Journal of Management in Engineering, ASCE and a top cited paper award from the Advanced Engineering Informatics Journal. He has consulted and advised a number of contractors and government organizations in Canada. He is the founder of OPTEAM Project Management Consultants Inc.


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November 13, 2017 - Nov 17
8:00 am - 5:00 pm