Sep 25 - Sep 28
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Supervisory Skills for Transportation & Public Works

Course Objectives

A comprehensive program tailored to introduce a wide range of supervisory skills to transportation and public works supervisors.


Course Content

DAY 1 - Communications

  • 7 non-verbal ways people communicate
  • How to transfer understanding
  • People’s perceptions - an added communication challenge
  • 4 question types + 3 questioning approaches
  • A 6-Step approach for “actively” listening to your employees
  • Taking a “time out” to communicate about how you and an employee are interacting
  • How to use clear, responsible, assertive language with your people


DAY 2 - Leadership & Motivation

  • The qualities of good leaders
  • How to use the pygmalion leadership effect
  • Determine your supervisory style
  • What is your vision for your operation?
  • Identifying motivators and demotivators
  • Motivation—from the outside or the inside?
  • What motivates people at work
  • What’s your role in keeping your employees motivated?
  • Closing the “performance deal” – what supervisors can learn from sales


DAY 3 - Coaching for Performance/Labour Relations

  • What a supervisor should know about the regulatory framework governing employment
  • How you can influence the collective bargaining process
  • How to respond to grievances
  • Effective progressive discipline–the last resort
  • Keeping accurate documentation and starting it early
  • What do we mean by “performance”?
  • Parent, adult & child mindsets...and monkeys!
  • 8 tips for delivering positive and corrective feedback
  • Acknowledging your employee’s good work
  • Coaching and counselling – how to use a non-directive approach


DAY 4 - Dealing with Performance Problems

  • Effective ways to handle solid vs. marginal/poor performers
  • How to deal with resistance to your performance expectations
  • Diffusing difficult or explosive situations
  • The “2-Minute Challenge” to unsatisfactory performance
  • Roads/public works—related employee performance case study
  • The people challenge analysis



This course is recognized by:

  • This course may be used as credit in all exam programs including technical specialist, technician and technologist programs. Please contact OACETT to make sure that this course satisfies your particular examination program for certification. Point Value = 2
  • The Engineering Institute of Canada awards 2.8 Continuing Education Units to this course.



4 days



Hands-on and interactive

The program combines brief presentations of key concepts, in-class skill practice, small group discussions, video examples, instructor demonstration and questions and answers. Participants are encouraged to bring up real situations they face.


Situational Leadership®

Participants complete a questionnaire to identify their most commonly used supervisory style and look at alternative styles when the situation calls for it.


“People Challenge”

Participants are required to bring to class an actual people-related situation for which they would like concrete, actionable ideas. Examples might include: poor performance, resistance to change, disruptive behaviour, unrealized potential. On the last day they will work with colleagues to analyze this situation, drawing upon all that they have learned in the program, their experience on the job, their innate wisdom, and their problem-solving abilities.


Dedicated Web Page

To enhance the quality and permanence of the learning, the instructor provides a special page on his web site, exclusively for participants of this course and their managers. This site will feature:

  • Welcome message from the presenters
  • Some questions for participants to think about before coming
  • Outline of the course agenda
  • Opportunity to submit specific questions to the presenters in advance
  • Guidance around your “people challenge”
  • Tips–to both the participant and his/her boss– for having pre- and post-course meetings to identify learning objectives having pre- and post-course meetings to identify learning objectives and plan skill applications back on the job
  • Links to useful articles about being an effective supervisor


Post Program Skill Application Reinforcement

For a full year following the program, participating supervisors receive a monthly email short article that highlights a key lesson from the course and introduces new ideas and tips not presented in class. In addition, during that period participants are welcome to contact the presenter with questions or issues relating to managing their people.


Materials Provided

- Full course binder

- Situational Leadership style self-assessment questionnaire

- Various case scenarios

- Copy of the instructor’s book, Would They Call you Their Best Boss Ever?

Ian Cook, Principal, Fulcrum Associates Inc. Since 1988, Ian has worked with managers and supervisors in over 250 clients in Canada and the US in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. This includes over 25 Ontario municipalities and 10 related associations. He is a conference speaker, workshop leader, team building facilitator, and executive coach. He is known for his highly interactive and upbeat teaching style. Participants leave Ian's sessions with new insights and practical “how to” ideas they can implement immediately back on the job. A recipient of OMMI's Excellence in Training award, Ian holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill and a Master of Industrial and Labour Relations from Cornell. He is the author of the book, Would They Call You Their Best Boss Ever? Practical Tips and Insights for the Successful Manager.


Ainslie Wood, is the owner of Wood-Sloan Inc., a successful human resources and management consulting firm, specializing in municipal business since 1995. Her clients include over 60 municipalities, utilities, agencies, and associations in Ontario. Ainslie consults to Councils, Boards and senior managers on a wide variety of topics including performance and compensation management, organizational review/design, recruitment, strategic planning, and workplace culture.  She is also an accomplished trainer and presenter.  An executive early in her career, Ainslie has held positions of Commissioner and Director of Human Resources, and Assistant City Manager.  For more information visit 


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