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Message from the OGRA Executive Director Guide to Learning Remotely

Message from the OGRA Executive Director

COVID-19 has changed the way the world works and learns. The way we live is changing daily and people are doing their best to cope with the changes.  OGRA is committed first and foremost to the health and safety of everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are following the advice of public health authorities as we move forward with our training and education courses, as well as all OGRA events.   

OGRA is known for its award-winning training and education programs, and despite what physical barriers may be put in place, we will continue to offer our quality programming of training and educational courses to students. We know students need these courses to enhance or to advance their careers, to continue to work and to keep up to date on changing guidelines, and best practices in the industry for safety purposes.  

We have converted most of our courses to a virtual classroom and tailored classes so that students can achieve their full learning potential. OGRA like all educational institutions and associations are all being forced to look at a variety of teaching methods being offered in the virtual space. We want you to know you are not alone and OGRA is here to help, feel free to reach out to us with questions.  

Please know that we strive to bring you the best education or training experience possible, and some of our courses simply cannot be converted online. In those cases, we have either cancelled a particular course, or used video and visual demonstrations to guide students learning.  If circumstances prevail in the future, we may look at holding smaller in-person class sizes depending on particular guidelines from health officials.  

We will continue to adapt our courses as necessary to the changing official health guidelines as they develop throughout the year and into 2021. We ask for your understanding and patience during this time as we work through these ever-changing circumstances.  

You are encouraged to follow our social channels and look for our communications in your email about changes as our world evolves in the COVID-19 crisis. We are here for you and our municipalities.  

We thank you for your continued support of OGRA and we wish you health and safety during these times.



Scott Butler
Executive Director

Guide to Learning Remotely

Distinguishing the difference between Virtual Classroom(VC) and Online Classroom(OC).

Virtual Classroom (VC) The Online Classroom (OC)

A virtual classroom is an online learning environment that allows for live interaction between the instructor and the students as they participate in learning activities. The shared virtual classroom is an online space where the learners and the instructor work together simultaneously.

An online course is designed for the online environment, where learning occurs at a self-paced manner and the student can learn as they go at their own pace. It may include pre-recorded sessions.

Some remote learning tips for students

  • Fully commit yourself and participate in the virtual classroom.
  • A week before the course you’ll receive instructions on how to log in to the learning platform.  Review these instructions and log into the portal a few days before the course starts to ensure everything works.
  • Try to focus as best as possible and create a distraction free environment.
  • Complete your learning tasks and assignments on time.
  • Be self-disciplined.
  • Build a study plan and set goals for yourself.
  • You and your fellow students bring a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Don’t be afraid to share and connect with other students for advice and help.
  • Have empathy for instructors and other students as we all learn new tools and work through these circumstances.