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Since 1894, the Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) has continuously searched for new ways to serve its membership more effectively. Our members have told us that they would like their councils to be better informed about the association’s policy & advocacy efforts as well as on important issues at Queen’s Park. In response, OGRA is introducing OGRA Connect, a policy-focused communication piece that can easily be added to your council’s agenda. OGRA Connect will keep you updated on advocacy efforts and as important issues at the provincial level arise.

October 22, 2018
Update on Transport Canada’s Electronic Logging Device Regulations

In December 2017, the Government of Canada, through Transport Canada, announced its intention to mandate electronic logging (e-log) devices in motor carriers and commercial trucks and buses. These regulations come into effect in 2020.

OGRA has received a number of inquiries from municipalities regarding the implications of the new regulations on municipal operations. Representatives from the federal government have assured OGRA that the regulations apply exclusively to vehicles that fall under federal jurisdiction.

A vehicle is subject to federal rules and regulations if it “continuously and regularly” crosses an interprovincial (e.g. Ontario and Quebec/Ontario and Manitoba) or international (Canada and USA) border. Vehicles that do not “continuously and regularly” cross such a border are subject to the rules and regulations of the Government of Ontario. The Government of Ontario does not currently mandate the use of electronic logging devices.

This means that the overwhelming majority of municipally-owned and municipally-managed vehicles are not subject to the new federal regulations.

OGRA encourages any municipality that is unsure whether or not its vehicles are subject to federal jurisdiction to seek legal counsel.

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