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Since 1894, the Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) has continuously searched for new ways to serve its membership more effectively. Our members have told us that they would like their councils to be better informed about the association’s policy & advocacy efforts as well as on important issues at Queen’s Park. In response, OGRA introduced OGRA Connect, a policy-focused communication piece that can easily be added to your council’s agenda. OGRA Connect will keep you updated on advocacy efforts and as important issues at the provincial level arise.

January 28, 2019
Joint and Several Liability Reform

This morning, Premier Doug Ford announced that the Government of Ontario intends to consult on joint and several liability. The government will look at evidence and develop solutions that make sense. Joint and several liability has vexed Ontario municipalities for decades because it entices plaintiffs to see municipal governments as deep-pocketed defendants. As a result, municipal insurance premiums continue to skyrocket. This diverts municipal funds from other essential services and programs, and forces councils to raise property taxes.

Despite numerous failed attempts to reform this aspect of tort law, to date, the Minimum Maintenance Standard (MMS) – Ontario Regulation 239/02 Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways remains the only remedy on the books. However, the MMS has not been the ironclad solution that was hoped for when it was created. Since its inception, it has been under constant with attempts to circumvent the protection that it affords municipalities.

OGRA has been advocating for joint and several liability reform on behalf of municipalities since 2003. In November, the association met with over 50 MPPs at Queen’s Park to discuss the issue. OGRA’s resolve to see meaningful reform on this front in unchanged.

“This is wonderful news for municipalities. We look forward to working with the government and other stakeholders during the consultation process to ensure municipal voices are represented.” – Chris Traini, OGRA President

“OGRA has been hoping to get the consultation process started for some time now. I am pleased that the government has committed to begin this process.” – Joe Tiernay, OGRA Executive Director.

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