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OGRA Supports CASPI in Research and Testing of Self-Driving Vehicles for Snow Operations

Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Canadian Automated Snow Plow Initiative (CASPI) to further position Ontario as a world leader in research and testing of self-driving vehicles.

CASPI is an association of municipalities, researchers, equipment manufacturers, service providers, educators and other stakeholders that will advance automated snow and ice management. Barrie Kirk, CASPI’s CEO said “Canada is already a world leader in developing CAV technology, expanding this to include snow plows is a natural next step. The synergies between OGRA and CASPI are significant since both organizations advocate for a stronger role for Ontario and Canada in the CAV ecosystem. Automated snow plows are a way for municipalities to offer better services to their citizens while keeping costs down.”

“Our discussions with CASPI began a few months before COVID-19 came into the picture. We found it to be a great supplement to OGRA’s broader leadership activities in the space of self-driving vehicles, through our Municipal Alliance for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (MACAVO) initiative. And as we now look at the post-COVID-19 world, it is clear that the move towards self-driving, contact-less technologies is going to expand even more rapidly than it already was”, said OGRA’s Executive Director, Joe Tiernay. He further added that, “Application of self-driving technologies to municipal snow plow operations is an area of keen interest by our member municipalities, and I am very happy to see that CASPI is taking a lead in this.”

CASPI aims to continue research studies to specifically address the needs of municipal governments in their delivery of snow and ice management, and will include technical feasibility, regulatory environment, overview of the market, a roadmap on the role of standards, and a report on the potential uses for sidewalk snow-plows during the non-winter months, such as grass cutting. Additionally, CASPI also plans to hold conference(s) in order to provide educational and networking opportunities for the ecosystem, starting in 2021.

OGRA’s President, Rick Harms congratulated OGRA and CASPI by saying, “I am very pleased with the work that OGRA is doing to help support Ontario’s municipalities in the ‘new normal’. One can’t help but note the striking similarities in how OGRA was originally established over 125+ years ago to assist municipalities as the world was shifting from horses to horseless-carriages (or cars), and the support that the association is providing today in this new major transition from cars to self-driving cars. Municipalities across Ontario will benefit greatly from this new partnership between OGRA and CASPI.”

For more information on CASPI, please please contact Barrie Kirk, CEO at or Glenn Martin, COO at, or visit the website at www://

For more information on OGRA’s MACAVO and other initiatives related to self-driving vehicles, please contact Fahad Shuja ( or visit

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