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Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) establishes Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Transnomis Solutions Inc. to coordinate municipal collaboration efforts for Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technologies

On Thursday, July 5, 2018, OGRA’s Executive Director (Joe Tiernay) finalized the MoU with Transnomis. The MoU will help deliver an online mappings solution to OGRA’s member municipalities that are taking part in the Preferred CAV Test Corridor(s).

OGRA has been actively working to assist Ontario municipalities in staying up-to-date on local as well as global advancements in the CAV sector. In particular, OGRA is actively working with its Municipal Alliance for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (MACAVO) group, to establish seamless Preferred CAV Test Corridor(s) in order to better coordinate testing of CAV technologies with stakeholders. Transnomis’ mapping technology will be key in ensuring live coordination between participating municipalities and public/private stakeholders.

Simon Foo (CEO, Transnomis) said, “We are very excited about this collaboration. Besides having a robust online solution, Transnomis already has great working relationship with our Municipal511 and ITS Central clients in Ontario. We are looking forward to supporting OGRA in their activities related to CAVs.”

OGRA is already working to assist each participating municipality identify which roads they would prefer to be used for CAV testing. The Transnomis mapping solution will allow participating municipalities to draw and manage their Preferred roads for CAV testing through secure logins, at no cost. This will enable a kind of real-time municipal collaboration that is needed to synchronize efforts. The mapping will only be visible to participating municipalities. Other private stakeholders can request to gain access to the mapping by contacting OGRA.

“There’s no doubt CAV technologies will play a key role in Ontario and Canada in the coming years. It is no longer a discussion of ‘if’, but ‘when’. Municipalities need to be prepared, and I am very happy with the kind of support OGRA is providing to our members”, said OGRA President, Chris Traini.

“CAVs have the potential to bring about the kind of socio-economic benefits we can’t even dream of today. We, at OGRA, would like to ensure our member municipalities are being supported as this transition begins. This online, collaborative mappings solution will be an integral part in our efforts in this space”, said Joe Tiernay (OGRA, Executive Director).

OGRA will be communicating with MACAVO municipalities with more details on next steps of integrating their respective preferred roads into Transnomis.

For more information, please contact Fahad Shuja (Coordinator, OGRA Member Services) at

About Transnomis: Transnomis Solutions Inc. is an Ontario technology company, specializing in road information management and communications solutions. Transnomis clients include provincial governments, municipalities of all sizes, traffic control companies, and a national railway. The Transnomis ITS Central platform is used in some of Ontario’s largest regional municipalities, and Transnomis Municipal511 web service is being used by Ontario counties, cities, towns and townships. For more information, visit

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