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Your Municipality and Autonomous Vehicles - An OGRA Survey

The Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) is continuing the annual survey to understand the “readiness” of municipalities when it comes to Self-Driving Vehicles (aka “Autonomous Vehicles”, or “AVs”), which will help in understanding our collective progress in comparison to previous year(s).

Based on the exponential progress by the AV industry, it appears that in the next three to five years we may finally see consumer-level availability of AVs. As an example, majority of Tesla vehicles on the road today are already equipped with the necessary hardware, which is expected to be put to use through over-the-air software update(s), just like a smartphone. Couple the industry progress with the fact that Ontario already has an active AV Pilot Regulation (O. Reg 306/15), our province is positioned very positively, with all the right ingredients, to welcome AVs. For municipalities, this is the right time to engage and start planning for this next level of transportation and see how it can help shape the future in a positive way.

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The mandate of the Ontario Good Roads Association is to represent the transportation and public works interests of municipalities through advocacy, consultation, training and the delivery of identified services.

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