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A Single Point of Truth
Asset Management Central | 2019 OGRA Conference, February 24 - 27.

The task of Asset management can be confusing, frustrating and daunting. Consultants, regulations, and legal ramifications can complicate the approach. Our aim as like-minded partner organizations is to support each other and present a cohesive single point of truth. Armed with this information, council will have a more accurate understanding of the technical, financial and risk associated to Levels of Services.

MFOA has developed a number of tools and programs, to support municipalities with improving asset management planning. These can be found at and include: Self Assessment Tool to track progress, AMP it Up 2.0 which provides consulting expertise to municipalities with population less than 25,000, Strategic Asset Management Policy toolkit, Communities of Practice toolkit to assist collaboration between municipalities, and a Guide to Asset Management in Ontario which provides information and practical recommendations on improving asset management in all municipalities.

MARMAK assists Ontario municipalities implement asset management strategies. A fundamental component for municipal asset management begins with an accurate inventory. An accurate inventory identifies the individual component along with its location, condition, and the financial commitment required to maintain and extend the life of the asset. Determining both the probability and consequence of failure highlights the risk factor associated to each asset type. By implementing MFOA’s Strategic Asset Management Policies Toolkit, OGRA’s Municipal DataWorks, and ORFA’s Recreation Facilities Asset Management solutions, can municipalities generate accurate forecasts and mitigate risk.

OGRA offers Municipal DataWorks (MDW) as a benefit of membership. MDW not only provides municipalities with an affordable solution to managing their assets, but more importantly to quantify the infrastructure spending deficit to the provincial and federal governments. Only by showing conclusively the amount of capital that is required to stem the deterioration of our infrastructure will we be able to change public policy that will flow the necessary capital to the municipal sector.

ORFA in partnership with OGRA and Marmak have developed a Recreation Facility Asset Management (RFAM) tool that is built from the same OGRA Municipal DataWorks platform. RFAM offers facility and open space practitioners the ability to capture; inventory, inspection, life expectancy and prioritizing of capital works. RFAM is offered as a benefit of membership and has recently been adopted by the Recreation Facility Association of Nova Scotia, the Alberta Association of Recreation Facility Personnel and the Recreation Facilities Association of British Columbia.

Visit us at the Asset Management Central booth at the 2019 OGRA Conference and learn more about improving your levels of service.

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