Thats Right! The secret is Out!

Yes, the Weather Tracker add-on is now LIVE on the Winter Web App! It allows you to be compliant with the Minimum Maintenance Standards by tracking weather forecasts and automatically documents them as well! After signing up for the Add-On, you simply select the closest weather stations (via Weather Underground – over 470+ stations in Ontario), pick your forecast delivery times, pick the staff who will receive the forecasts, and the Weather Tracker takes care of the rest!

You can select up to seven stations, which should be sufficient to keep an eye out on all the micro and macro climates in your jurisdiction. To see sample reports and also which stations are available in your area, please log into the Winter Web App ( and go into the Weather Tracker.

Worth Every Penny!

We’ve made sure that, in addition to being feature-rich, the Weather Tracker is very reasonably priced. There are multiple subscription tiers to select from, depending on the size of your jurisdiction. Please log into the Winter Web App for more details.

Don’t have a Winter Web App (WWA) account yet?

You need the WWA account to access the new Add-On. No worries! As a municipal member of OGRA, you are entitled to a complementary WWA account. Please head over to and click on SIGNUP button, and simply follow the prompts on screen. We will get you up and running within 24 hours!

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