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A Call for Volunteers: OGRA’s “ORIE Governance Committee”

OGRA is looking for at least five (5) volunteers (municipal and/or provincial) to join our brand-new Governance Committee to oversee the “Ontario Road Information Exchange (ORIE)”.

What is “ORIE”?
The Ontario Good Roads Association has formalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Transnomis Inc. to help introduce ORIE as a digital tool to enable seamless, real-time collaboration of municipal road data across all Ontario municipalities. This data, typically called “Authoritative Road Information (ARI)”, includes (but is not limited to): road closures, lane closures, detours, obstructions, restrictions, cautions, designated routes, dynamic sign messages, images from traffic cameras, sensor information, autonomous vehicles data (via MACAVO), and a lot more.

For more details on ORIE, please visit:

What is the role of the “ORIE Governance Committee”?
The committee will review, discuss and propose changes to the ORIE vision, mission, goals, objectives, content types, best practices and distribution opportunities. Additionally, the committee will identify, discuss and act on opportunities to leverage ORIE to the direct benefit of Ontario municipalities, e.g. influence navigation practices.

Requirements to be Considered for the ORIE Governance Committee

  • You are a municipal or provincial employee in the province of Ontario
  • You manage, communicate, and/or use Road Information Data on a daily basis as your primary role
  • You believe in the value of cross-organizational sharing of critical road data in real-time
  • You are willing and able to invest 1.5 to 2 hours per month
  • You are able to attend meetings using GoToMeeting
If the above items align with you, we would like to encourage you to come be a part of OGRA’s “ORIE Governance Committee”!

Apply Today for the Volunteer Position on ORIE Governance Committee
Please apply by filling out our quick survey using this link [] or click the button below.

Applications are due before end of business day on July 11, 2019.

For any questions or to request more information, please contact Fahad Shuja at or via phone at 289-291-6472 ext.31.

Volunteer Survey

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