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The Future is Now: Using Robots to Clear Snow and Mow Grass
Terry Olkin, CEO & Co-Founder, Left Hand Robotics, Inc.
June 3rd @ 2:00pm

Clearing snow from sidewalks and mowing large fields is time consuming, physically demanding work. With labor in short supply and increasingly unreliable, costs are skyrocketing.

Robots can perform multiple tasks concurrently (e.g., clear snow, drop deicer, document the work, etc.) and can do all this at a reduced costs. This webinar will introduce you to Left Hand Robotics snow clearing and field mowing robots including how they work, features and benefits, and projected cost savings.

In this webinar, we will also briefly be hearing from Viraj Mane of the Ontario Centres of Excellence, in regards to the "WinterTech" Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Development fund of the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN).

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ABOUT TERRY OLKIN (THE PRESENTER): An MIT graduate in Computer Science and Engineering, Terry is an inventor (with over 23 patents) and entrepreneur (co-founded 3 companies). He has been designing and building advanced technologies for over 4 decades. In addition to the companies he founded, he has held senior technical and management positions at Oracle, Microsoft and Workday and taught at University of Colorado. Terry is also the president of a non-profit that supports STEM based K-12 education.

ABOUT VIRAJ MANE (OCE, Business Development and Commercialization Manager, Sector Manager, Automotive and Mobility) Viraj Mane, PhD, is Sector Manager, Automotive and Mobility, for the AVIN program at Ontario Centres of Excellence. He supports business development among stakeholders such as startups, academics, businesses, and government. Viraj also showcases and promotes Ontario capabilities and technologies to both local and international delegations.

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