Gravel Roads Liaison

The path to OGRA's new committee is paved with gravel!

OGRA is creating a Gravel Liaison Committee in response to municipalities requesting guidance on how best to manage/maintain their gravel road network.

This new committee will identify and recommend solutions for gravel roads related issues. The committee will facilitate the development of best practices, provide and develop educational materials and programs, as well as recommend updates to gravel road/aggregate related Ontario Provincial Standard Specifications (OPSS) and Ontario Provincial Standard Drawings (OPSD).

Meetings will be quarterly in-person with a teleconference option.

Who Can Be A Member?
Membership will include municipalities and subject matter experts.

  • Municipal, 15 (Northwest x3, Northeast x3, Southeast x3, Central x3, and Southwest x3);
  • Experts/Consultants, 2-3;
  • Partner Associations, 1-2; and
  • OGRA staff, 1.

How to Apply
If you are interested, please apply by sending an email to James Smith at and include the following:

  • Brief biography/CV highlighting experience with gravel roads
  • Basic details of your gravel road network (ideas: km, condition, average operation and maintenance costs)
  • Your gravel road areas of need
  • All CV’s must be received by March 27th at 3pm EST.

We thank those interested, but only those who are contacted will be added to the Committee.