Owners, managers and travellers of Ontario public roads, be they human or machines (e.g., connected / autonomous vehicles), may quickly, efficiently, and effectively view and use Authoritative Road Information for all Ontario public roads.

The vision supports the following desired outcomes:

  1. Reduced road information communication costs for municipalities.
  2. Reduced road infrastructure damage for municipalities, railways and others.
  3. Reduced emergency response call times for emergency responders.
  4. Reduced delivery times for industry.
  5. Reduced vehicle damage for all travellers.
  6. The advancement of connected and autonomous vehicles. 


The mission of the Ontario Road Information Exchange (ORIE) is to facilitate the efficient electronic distribution of Authoritative Road Information, in near real-time, from and between the electronic systems of authoritative sources of such information, with the electronic systems of distributors and redistributors of such information, to the direct benefit of Ontario’s municipalities, and all travellers of Ontario Public Roads.


The following goals have been identified for ORIE:

  1. Reliable, respected, valued service.
  2. Good governance, by the owners/custodians of Ontario Public Roads.
  3. Emergency responder community participation in governance.
  4. Voice for key stakeholders, including the trucking industry.
  5. Influence with navigation companies, e.g. use Authoritative Road Information, modify routing algorithms to keep traffic on arterial routes.