ORIE History


The Ontario Road Information Exchange (ORIE) began to take shape in April 2017, when Ontario based Transnomis Solutions Inc. launched the Municipal511 road information management and communications web service in the County of Renfrew. Within the next month, more than 80 flooded roads were mapped on the roads of 19 municipal governments in Renfrew County for emergency responders, public, industry, media, etc.

Many other municipalities adopted the Municipal511 web service, that includes a client map, a  public map, and an information exchange that shares data between clients, and with emergency responder applications, navigation applications, GIS systems, etc.

In 2018 OGRA asked Transnomis for support of the OGRA Municipal Alliance for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in Ontario (MACAVO) initiative. Transnomis was quick to say yes, noting that doing so aligned with its vision for a province wide road information exchange. Two of the more compelling goals for an exchange included reducing emergency response times and reducing damage to infrastructure and vehicles. Compelling use cases included a 60 km detour for a culvert replacement, and three different trucks striking the same low rail bridge in Eastern Ontario in a single day.  

In January 2019 Transnomis Solutions presented their vision for an Ontario Road Information Exchange (ORIE) to the OGRA Board of Directors. Soon after, OGRA announced the efforts to build ORIE in the OGRA Milestones Magazine - Conference Edition. Volunteers for the OGRA ORIE Governance Committee were solicited through the summer of 2019, which has been meeting since September 2019.