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The Governance committee is nearing completion of the following outcomes:

  1. Published list of recognized road issues and events, e.g. construction, special event, low overhead
  2. Published list of recognized road segment types, e.g. issue location, detour, truck detour
  3. Published list of recognized traffic impact types, e.g. lane closed, alternating traffic, road closed – local traffic only
  4. Published collection of user stories that will be used to evaluate change requests

Data Types Document:

Identifies Data Types covered by ORIE and Municipal511 to-date. This includes: location types, issue types, and their impact on traffic, as well as Connected and Autonomous Vehicles’ considerations. (Click Here to Open)

ORIE – Defined Document:

Identifies the Vision, Mission, Goals, and more of Ontario Road Information Exchange is all about.

ORIE Governance Committee (ORIE-GC) Terms of Reference Document:

Identifies the ORIE-GC’s Mandate, Goals, Scope, Membership, and more.