2018 Ontario Election

On June 7th, Ontarians go to the polls to select their next government. While change is in the air, there have been seismic shifts in the political landscape over the past few months which has resulted in a massive contingent of undecided voters. This gives extra meaning to the overused adage that “campaigns matter”. Although Ontario’s municipal leaders will be watching this election for any trends that may foreshadow cleavages in the municipal election later this year, they will also be looking for what sort of partner they will have to work with once the dust from the campaign has settled.

Ontario’s municipalities have much to be content with in their current partner at the provincial level: the uploading of some municipal expenditures, an increase in infrastructure spending, and the prioritization of municipal asset management. Conversely, there is still much to be sought: municipalities are still overly reliant on the property tax to fund their budgets, there remains a need for an increase in long-term, predictable, and formula-based municipal infrastructure funding, and a commitment to continuing to prioritize municipal asset management funding beyond the phase-in period of O. Reg. 588/17: ASSET MANAGEMENT PLANNING FOR MUNICIPAL INFRASTRUCTURE.

Regardless of who forms the next government, the Ontario Good Roads Association would like to see the following three areas prioritized:


This page will serve as a tool for those interested in these priorities. Take the time to read OGRA’s backgrounders on the issues in order to familiarize yourself with them when candidates come knocking. Monitor the promises being made relating to these issues with OGRA’s Election Platform Tracker. Join OGRA on Twitter in tweeting about these issues by using the following hashtags: #onpoli #onvotes.

Please direct any questions to OGRA’s Policy Department by contacting Scott Butler, Manager of Policy & Research ( or Thomas Barakat, Senior Policy Advisor (