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Ontario Good Roads Association Elects 2019-2020 Board of Directors

2019 OGRA Conference - Presentations Now Online!

2019 OGRA Municipal Asphalt Paving Tonnage Survey

The Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) is actively looking to fill one (1) vacancy at the Product Management Committee (PMC).

OGRA Connect - Province Rolls Out Phase 2 of Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program

For Immediate Release - Rick Kester 2019-2020 OGRA President

For Immediate Release - Rick Harms 2019-2020 OGRA 1st Vice-President

For Immediate Release - Dave Burton 2019-2020 OGRA 2nd Vice-President

For Immediate Release - Paul Schoppmann - 2019-2020 3rd Vice-President

OGRA Heads-Up Alert - Ontario Municipalities Create World’s Longest, Preferred Corridor for Testing of Autonomous Vehicles

OGRA eBlast - 2019 OGRA Conference Evaluation

OGRA eBlast - Do Not Miss Out on the 2019 OGRA Conference 

OGRA Heads-Up Alert - OGRA’s Municipal Alliance for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (MACAVO) online map now also highlights electric vehicle charging stations across Ontario - courtesy of data from

OGRA eBlast - OGRA Board of Directors - Notice of Poll

MDW Docket - Municipal DataWorks gets Updated Reports Module

The Conference Issue of Milestones is Now ONLINE!

OGRA eBlast - 2019 OGRA Conference - DEADLINE Housing and Long Service Award Nominations

Studded Tires - Proposed Updates by MTO

OGRA eBlast - Board Highlights January 2019 

OGRA eBlast - Studded Tires - Proposed Updates

OGRA eBlast - Joint and Several Liability Reform

OGRA eBlast - The future of your municipality's infrastructure depends on you!

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OGRA eBlast - The 2019 OGRA Conference App has Launched and Program at a Glance is Now Online!

OGRA eBlast - Are You Ready for Your Driverless Shuttle? - A Webinar by EasyMile

OGRA eBlast - OGRA Board of Directors - Slate of Candidates